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    Teaching Core Skills

    The TSWREI Society is far ahead of other educational institutions in imparting training to its teachers through various innovative programmes.The TSWREI Society underscored the need to provide training to the Principals and teachers on the Core Skills or 21st Century Skills which are critical to meeting the needs and aspirations of the students in a 21st century globalized economy.


    TS Formation Day Festivities - 2016

    The TSWREI Society Head Office, Hyderabad wore a festive look on the occasion of the Telangana States second formation day. Unfurling the national tricolor, Dr R.S. Praveen Kumar, IPS., Secretary, expressed heartfelt gratitude to the honble Chief Minister Sri K. Chandrasekhar Rao for his path breaking decision to start 103 new TSW residential schools and 30 degree colleges. According to the Secretary, the upcoming new residential schools and degree colleges would further liberate around 2,00,000 families from poverty in the years to come and bring the marginalized children closer to the job market in the true sense.


    Principals for the 21st Century

    The TSWREI Society is in the limelight for designing and implementing innovative programmes in all its educational institutions in an effort to promote international benchmarks in education. Today, improving school leadership ranks very high on the list of priorities for school reform.


    Hard Work and Dedication Rewarded….

    The benevolent Chief Minister of Telangana Sri K.Chadra Shekar Rao presenting a cheque worth Rs.5,00,000 to Master P. Suder Raj for his outstanding performance in World Yoga Championship and winning Silver and Bronze Medal at Kulalumpur, Malaysia Dec 2015.



    The first phase of Summer Samurai concluded with great gusto. This time, it received tremendous response from participants, The results were splendid and proved that swaeroes ,if given a chance, can learn anything in a jiffy. The trainers were stumped to see the pace with which our young boys and girls grasp-ed the nuances of the English language and the intricate secrets of the trade world in the newly introduced unique camp HAM BAQNEGE KARODPATHI.


The Genesis

The dawn of a new era

A refreshing cool zephyr blew, wafting the fragrance of hope among the children of the poor. The dawn of a new era in the lives of the marginalized people set in with the emergence of TSWREI Society opening new avenues of opportunities for the needy, especially the scheduled caste children, whose parents never knew what education meant.

The TSWREI Society, hitherto part of the erstwhile APSWREI Society, emerged as an independent entity in the month of June 2014.The TSWREIS has been cruising along the path of glory, ...


The synergy between the teachers and students contributed to the outstanding performance for the last 26 years.


Activities form a significant part of learning. They make sure of liveliness. Learning becomes monotonous without activities


Achievement is the sum of the efforts of all those involved in the educational progress of a child. It is progress in career and character

Our Innovative Initiatives

The Society has evolved and designed confidence-building co-curricular activities to be organized in each of the institutions throughout the state. The programs have yielded superb results. The SWAEROES have since become more expressive, agile and are now coming forward with new ideas. Some of the co-curricular activities regularly conducted in institutions are E-plus activity, WISE program, Youth Parliament, Voice 4 Girls, Champions Camp, Art and Craft Camp etc. These programs have brought about a spectacular transformation in the speech habits of the children who were hitherto quite shy and taciturn to open up. Now, they are more articulate and have developed argumentative skills and are never hesitant to use more and more English in their day to day communication. They have drastically changed their body language, mannerisms and display a discernable and desirable etiquette.

Student Centered

The Society, with a view to enhance the academic capabilities of the students to boldly face the challenges encountered during their academic pursuits, has introduced myriad innovative ideas and activities. These activities also enable them to prepare themselves to meet the ever-changing scenario of the world of knowledge. While some of the activities are intended to fine-tune their linguistic competence, others develop soft skills which help them gear up to tackle different situations in life like group discussions, argumentative situations etc.

Teacher's Empowerment

Empowerment is a process wherein school participants develop and display the competence to take charge of their own growth and resolve their own problems. Empowered teachers believe they have the skills and knowledge to act in a situation and improve it. Empowered schools are organizations that create opportunities for competence. The Society believes that participation in school decision-making can enhance teachers’ commitment, expertise, and, ultimately, student achievement.

Best Practices

The think tank, the intelligentsia at the TSWREIS has laid great emphasis on the significance of the implementation of certain practices in all the institutions in the state to bring about a desirable change in the attitude, character and overall behavioral pattern of the boys and girls. These practices, known as 'BEST PRACTICES' are followed by all the institutions and are found to be exceedingly successful in molding the moral fiber of the SWAEROES.

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